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Biomass Briquetting Machine

Capacity:  500-3000 kg/ hour
Power: 37-90 kw
Application: suitable for the fluffy material such as straw and sawdust that can be produced high density of biomass briquette.
  • Processing customized:yes
  • Product brand:DINGLI
  • Specifications:THJ-1200
  • Capacity:2000-3000kg/h
  • Input Power:90kw
  • Weight:4200kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
  • Dimension:3.4*1.6*2.3m

Biomass briquetting machine is also called briquetters or straw briquetting machine. The briquetting equipment is suitable for the fluffy material such as straw and sawdust that can be produced high density of biomass briquette. Straw briquetting need the ensilage machine or rubbing machine to crushing to the length of 20 ~ 50 mm material. Through the extreme pressure, the briquette is formed. The density of briquette is 0.7 ~ 1.2 g/cm3. The benefit of briquette is convenient to transportation, save and usage. Straw briquette overcomes the light weight, large volume, and easily affected by environmental conditions such as rain or snow fire. It can be satisfied with the demand of the commercialization, which can be sold as fuel or animal feed. Biomass briquetters production line included feeding conveyor, briquetters, and discharging machine, and the operation of distribution cabinets. While, the briquetting machine included equipment rack, motor, feeding port, transmission system, pressure roller, horizontal ring die, discharging port and other parts.

The straw, grass, and wood chips put into cutting or grinding machine to be fiber. The fiber length less than 50mm. The moisture content is between 12% and 25%. The feeding conveyor send material into the feed port. Through the spindle rotation to drive the roller rotation, and then through the rotation of the roller, the material was extruded by nubby shape from the horizontal hole. and falling the discharging port. The model hole can be square or circular ring.

1. We use an advanced flat die technique. It can be improving the forming rate of briquetting fuel.
2. The bin provides a sufficient feeding space for the fluffy material. The efficient and practical gravity feed mode.
3. The key parts adopt an alloy steel material. Long service life.
4. The templates of special design, the high density of briquette, smooth surface.
5. Wearing parts easy to tear open outfit, simple and convenient maintenance.
6. Raw material changing automatic compensation adjustment device, which is not crowded mass of material, jams, or boring machine.
7. Extend the service life of key components, so the trouble-free running time extension, improve the production, use cost reduced;
8. The model of this equipment is the flatwise flat ring die. The structure features:
9. the motor drive the gear reducer and shaft rotation, and then through the main shaft to drive the roller rotation It is simple structure and convenient maintenance.
10. It is easy to adjust the radial clearance of roller and die. Which can guarantee the most appropriate space between the two rollers and dies.
11. To increase the electric heating ring to heat the ring die, which is advantage to the material forming.

Model RAW MATERIAL POWER (KW) CAPACITY (KG/hr.) BRIQUETTE DENSITY (KG/cm3) WEIGHT (KG) DIMENSION (m)(revolutions per minute) (m)
YK1000 Moisture:10-25%, Fiber length ≤50mm 37 500-1200 0.7-1.2 2500 2.8*1.3*2.0
THJ-1200 45 900-1500 2800 3.0*1.4*2.1
THJ-2000 55 1300-2000 3000 3.0*1.5*2.3
THJ-2500 75 1800-2500 3500 3.2*1.5*2.3
THJ-3000 90 2000-3000 4200 3.4*1.6*2.3
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