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Biomass Gasifier

Biomass Gasifier

【Model】biomass gasifier
【Application】usually used as heating source to bioler, dryer machine, furnace ,gas generator set and others
【Fuel】rice husk,crop stalk, straw, coconut fiber dust, saw dust, shaving, pruned trimmings, twig timber, wood chips, bark, bagasse, etc.
【Motor】5.5-110 kw

The biomass gasifier is used to transfer solid biomass materials into gas fuels. By controlling the air flow rate, biomass materials are burning incompletely in the gasifier and forming the gas mixture of hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4) and carbon hydrocarbon (CnHm). The outlet temperature of produced gas fuel is different according to the models of biomass gasifier, which is between 350℃ to 650℃. The formed gas mixture includes tars, ash and other impurities which need further cleaning. To ensure long-term and stable working of gasifiers, the gas temperature should be cooled to 40℃ or less and the impurities must be controlled within 50mg/Nm3. The final fuel product will be sent to internal combustion engines for power generation. If the scale of power generation is under 200kW, customers can choose downdraft fixed-bed gasifier.

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From Gasification to Power Generation:
1.The produced gas fuel is conveyed into gas boiler, producing steam to drive a steam turbine.
2. The produced gas fuel is directly conveyed into gas turbines for power generation.
3. The produced gas fuel is directly conveyed into internal combustion engines for power generation.
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biomass gasifier.jpg
Product features
Currently, Dingli designs and manufactures two kinds of biomass equipment used for internal combustion engines. For generation power under 200kW, we have downdraft fixed-bed gasifiers(TYG-900B). For generation power above 400kW, we have fluidized-bed gasifier(TYL-1800~TYL-4500)。
Our downdraft fixed-bed gasifiers product has been widely used in relevant fields and has the features of low installed capacity, flexible distribution, low capacity, compact configuration, reliable technique, low transportation cost, low operation cost, great commercial profits, user-friendly operation and easy maintenance
Our fluidized-bed gasifiers have the advantage of high gasification efficiency and large capacity. The uncleaned gas mixture is purified through cyclone separator. This gasifier product is the technical concentration of advanced technique and experience of fluidized-bed equipment at home and abroad.

Technical parameters

 200KW Fluidized bed gasifier technical standards:

Material type Farming and forestry waste Calorific value 14000kJ/kg
Fluidized gasification type Fixed type Output power 200kW
 Calorific value 4800kJ/ m3 Gas consumption 780m3/h
Fuel consumption 360kg/h Power total efficiency 15%
Total investment (RMB) RMB3000/kWh Total cost RMB0.356/kWh


 1000KW Fluidized bed gasifier technical standards:

Material type Farming and forestry waste Calorific value 14000kJ/kg
Fluidized gasification type Fixed type Output power 1000kW
 Calorific value 4800kJ/ m3 Gas consumption 3700m3/h
Fuel consumption 1700kg/h Power total efficiency 16%
Total investment (RMB) RMB2800/kWh Total cost RMB0.283/kWh


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