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The Straw Carbonization Furnace

Capacity:  400-3000kg/h
Power: 25-39 kw
Application: suitable for all kinds of agricultural and forestry biomass charring making. For example, sawdust, wood chip, bamboo, coconut shell, cherry shell, jujube, walnut shell, apricot shell, peanut shell, rice husk, cotton stalk, straw, bean curd, etc.
  • Processing customized:yes
  • Product brand:DINGLI
  • Specifications:THJ-1800
  • Capacity:2500-3000kg/h
  • Power:39kw
  • Dimension :12*2.3*3.3m
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)


TBelow is Crops Straw Carbonization Machine Carbonizing Process:

First the biomass material is ignited in the gasifier.

The flue gas produced by burning after spraying, cooling, purification process, it produces the pure combustible gas (carbon monoxide, methane, ethane, etc.).

As the early stage of the carbonization of heat source, through early warming of the carbonizer, to feed the material when the heat reaches the special temperature.

The combustible gas that carbonation process of flue gas by spraying, cooling, purification process into burned secondary. According to this methods of circulation, sufficient to achieve a self-sufficient, then achieve the effect of energy saving.

The flue gas through purification, to reach the environment production and flue gas emissions free. Which is reached to the standards of waste gas emptying.

The temperature of carbonization reach a 600 ℃ to 900 ℃ in the process. According to the characteristics of material, the temperature can be adjusted according to the requirements.

1. Configuration the new type gasifier before gas generating.
2. Configuration the flue gas purification, heat exchange system, and cooling system. The heat steam transform to water. The flue gas can be converted combustible gas to recycling use.
3. Configuration the frequency conversion feeding machine, automatic feeding, feeding speed is adjusted.
4. Configuration rotary carbonation host, it can be satisfied the production requirements.
5. Configuration the cooling discharging machine to cooling the final products, and output the final product;
6. Configuration control cabinet. The temperature and speed can be control. Rotary drum adopts the PLC automatic control cabinet. The viewing screen of equipment is colorized. Production line should be clear.

Model YIELD (kg) POWER(kw) DIMENSION(m) HOST RPM (revolutions per minute)(m)
THJ-1000 400-600 25 9*1.5*2.7 3-5
THJ-1200 800-1200 27 12*1.7*2.9 3-5
THJ-1500 1500-2000 32 12*2.0*3.2 3-5
THJ-1800 2500-3000 39 12*2.3*3.3 3-5
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