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Hammer Mill

【Application】It is suitable for any fibre materials, coarse-grinding and micro-grinding of various granular grain materials, such as corn, sorghum, rice, wheat, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, rapeseed meal.
【Motor】 55-200 kw

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Branch Crusher

【Application】: Mostly to break  herbal,Some wood materials, branches,bark,dry wet straw etc.
【Capacity】: 500-5000kg
【Motor power】: 4-45kw

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Drum Wood Chipper

【Application】: used in paper plants,particle board plans,fiber-board plants,chip production and export bases.
【Capacity】: 3-12t/h
【Motor power】: 30-55kw
【Rotation Speed】: 590-730m/min


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Trunk Crusher

【Application】: For wood log,tree branch,wood trunk,wood pallet crushing and other material.
【Capacity】: 10-35m3/h
【Motor power】: 37-139kw

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Straw Crusher

【Application】: Crush chemical materials, the branches of Chinese herbal medicine, bark, and all kinds of dry wet straw, etc
【Rotation Speed】:1000-1400r/min
【Power】: 18.5-45kw

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