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Branch Crusher

Branch Crusher

【Application】: Mostly to break  herbal,Some wood materials, branches,bark,dry wet straw etc.
【Capacity】: 500-5000kg
【Motor power】: 4-45kw

The branch crusher is a kind of crushing machine which is applicable for timer, trunks, branches, straw, bamboo, leaves, wood brick, barks, bamboo poles, bamboo leaves, feedings and chemical raw materials. The processed product is in the shape of chips or sawdust, which can be used for sawdust boards, particle boards, fiberboards, paper pulps, machine-made charcoal and organic fertilizers. This product is a good choice for small and medium-sized enterprise or individual timber business.   

The branch crusher is consist of cutting mechanism, crushing mechanism and draught fan. Highly efficient crushers combine the methods blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact, which at the same time finish the process of separation and selection. In the process of blade cutting, the rotator generates high-speed flow, with which the materials go through the process of acceleration and repeated impact.

Product Features
1.The top and bottom shells are equipped with cutting blades and crushing hammers. The engine base and the frame are fixed together and made of steel to increase stability.
2.The feed throat is equipped with two sets of flat cutters and one set of fixed blades. Long materials are firstly cut into short pieces, which are then crushed into chips. Through this method, the cutting resistance is reduced and the output gets increased.
3.With the function of draught fan, the design of self-suction feeding is much safer than similar products.
4.The pore diameters of sieve bottom can be adjusted accruing to product fineness and the output is decided by the size of crushing product. In other words, the larger the crushing product come with larger output.  

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