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Peat Dryer

Peat Dryer

【Application】 suitable to drying peat, coal slime, lignite,bentonite and other material.
【Capacity】200-2000 ton per day
【Motor】 30-180 kw
【Drying temperature】 250-350 ℃

Peat simple introduction, it also be called turf , this is low degree of coalification coal, also it is the most primitive state of coal. But with the change of the environment,if the pressure is increase the Peat can be made stronger, then become to lignite.
The peat excavated from ground usually to accumulation drier, this is waste time and energy.And the drying effect is poor. Peat in natural state, Material composition across liquid, gas phase and solid phase those three states.In the Part of solid  mamterials,many includes two parts of the organic matter and minerals.And if to the point of view to material, the peat main ingredient is  organic matter (also is the main source of carbon element), and one with the highest percentage of organic matter in solid phase.Different  composition characteristics of peat, it have different physical properties and chemical properties.



Now in the word many place can be excavated to the sign of the peat,But it contains the most amount of peat, mainly respectively is the Netherlands, Ireland, Russia, Europe, Scotland, and the same to the Scandinavian peninsula, North America, Canada, the United States of Michigan and Florida's Everglades area (Everglades).In addition to the Florida everglades, almost all of the peat area (about 80% of the total) are located in high latitudes, and about 60% of the wetlands in the world are peat contained area.

Peat area proportion about 3% of the world total land area, the equivalent of 3850000 to 4100000 square kilometers, 6% of the land has been developed as an agricultural or forest cultivation, by varying degrees of man-made destruction.
Peat is bog in the forming process of the product, also it is one of the characteristics of a marsh terrain.  the main source of Peat is Peat Moss or Sphagnum, but in addition to those , other organic matter such as dead bodies of marsh plants and even animals and insects, are likely to be the formation of Peat.These material after dead will deposition in the bottom of the swamp, because of damp and partial acidic environment, those material can't completely decomposition, thus formed the so-called the peat layer.
Degree of organic matter decomposition or tide is mainly depending on the composition and flooding degree (moisture) decided it, usually in the damp places peat layer formed faster, organic matter decomposition degree is lower, while in the dry place is instead. this feature of pear, meteorological archaeology researcher can used to analysis the ancient climate vicissitudes, also using the analysis of the material in the peat, ancient environmentalists can remake the region when simulating the ancient state of plant distribution.

Under the appropriate environment (such as high pressure), peat can be further transformed into lignite.Now most of peat layer in the high latitudes of the world , many of them were formed in 9000 years ago, after the end of the last ice age, ice retreat to north formed. Like this peat layer formation is very slow, sometimes only 1 mm a year degree.
Peat purpose:, In the place where many peat local abounds, peat used as fuel and fertilizer raw materials used in everyday life. In Scotland, peat is widely used to manufacturing process of scotch whisky, baking sprouted barley needed source of fuel. Using peat drying barley has unique sootiness flavour, this has become a scotch whisky flavor characteristics, it be called peatiness,
This is also the term "peat" was mentioned most often.



Peat rotary dryer is special design for peat of high moisture, big viscosity, small density, low heat resistance, easy cluster and other characteristic development and market demand product. This peat drying system main included heating source, Break feed equipment,Belt feeding machine, rotary drum, discharge equipment, dust removal, belt discharging machine, induced draft fan, peat combustion , temperature control ,power operation system and system structure.
The working principle of the dryer system as follows:
1.moisture content 35-60% peat by scattered feeder evenly into the dryer, in the process of drying, peat will pass six workspace: one is the feed zone,wet peat into this area with low temperature hot air quickly evaporate moisture, the material in big Angle of copy board copy, In front of the binder will import to next workspace.
2.Second is repeatedly broken beat and cleaning area, equipment design in this area have broken beat cleaning device, wet peat grabbed by grating copy board broken beat, large wet slurry after repeated broken beat, broken knead into a 20-30 mm small particles of carbon, forming curtain material status, increase the heat exchange area, improve the drying rate, cleaning device reasonably clean wall adhesion of peat, prevent peat adhesive.
3.Three is the main drying area, through two area processing wet peat has a granular loose state of the material, in this area will be raising by inclined feed plate , material will form a uniform state of material desire, and full contact with hot air to heat exchange, strong precipitation.
4.Four is pounding broken drying area, in this area peat after repeated pounding broken in this area, peat particles from 20-- 30 mm broken for 3-15mm size (as customer request), further reducing moisture content.
5.Five is strengthening drying region, through the broken small peat particles from the copy board raised area is densely populated, fully absorb hot heat, discharging water, achieved water standard, ready to discharge;

6.Six is discharging area, in order to prevent discharging dust, do not set copy plate roller in this region, the slide material rolling to the discharge port to complete the whole drying process. Peat moisture content is  10-15%, 3-15 mm granular coal or organic fertilizer.



Drum dryer performance characteristics:
1.Peat dryer adopts patent new portfolio model, extensible ability is strong, processing capacity is big.
2. according to the  the different material properties and requirements to change operation parameters, the material in the dryer cylinder body can form stable whole curtain fabric, and the heat exchange is more sufficient, uniform product moisture, high production efficiency;
3., new type Patents pulverized coal furnace thermal efficiency is 99%, less fuel consumption, low fuel consumption, low drying cost, is 3/5 of the normal rotary dryer.
4.Good material and manufacturing levels to ensure the smooth cylinder operation, resistance to overload ability, high reliability;
5.Modular design and manufacturing, high mechanization degree, convenient installation, simple operation, maintenance is convenient
6.Along the shell axial, different drying period set different copy board and broken beat clear structure, this design achieve good dry wall sticking to solve at the same time, it also can control the product granularity after being drying ,and prevent the product particle size is too large, or carefully, to ensure product quality.
7.Cylinder speed can be adjusted through the counter rotating cylinder speed adjustment and the adjustment of the dryer inlet air temperature, this dryer machine also can adapt to different forms of moisture into the feeding material properties and meet different product requirements.
8.This peat rotary dryer adopt the self-aligning roller structure and drag reduction technology, this design can reduce the wear and power consumption. This peat dryer also adopts special gear wheel structure, it can reduce the horizontal thrust equipment tilt work, effectively ensuring the service life of the dryer.


Technical parameters

Model Capacity(T/D) Early moisture(%) Final moisture(%) Power (kw) Cover area(m2)
DLMG1615 200 30±5 ≤10 85 7m*25m
DLMG1916 300 30±5 ≤10 109 7m*25m
DLMG2218 500 30±5 ≤10 128 8m*30m
DLMG2518 700 30±5 ≤10 143 8m*30m
DLMG2818 1000 30±5 ≤10 210 8m*40m
DLMG3422 1500 30±5 ≤10 320 10m*45m
DLMG4032 2000 30±5 ≤10 460 12m*60m