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Three cylinder rotary dryer

Three cylinder rotary dryer

【Application】widely suitable for all kinds of powder, the massive materials, sheet materials and variety  of slag and dregs material, such as ore, ore powder, iron ore, medical residue,  sauce residue, etc.
【capacity】44-260 ton/ day
【motor】28-135 kw
【Drying temperature】250-350 ℃

Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., committed to the research of the three-cylinder dryer, three rotary drum dryer is one of the newly developed and unique principle dryer which combined with the working principle between the rotary drum dryer with dip angle and airflow drier . After continuous improvement,it has been reached the international advanced level, not only can deal with low viscosity and high moisture materials but also viscous larger and high moisture materials. It overcomes bulky of the traditional rotary drum dryer and larger cover area of air flow dryer , with small size, high thermal efficiency, light weight, wide applicability, flexible temperature control and so on.

Structure and Working principle:
Material goes through the feeding device into the lining of the drum, in order to realize the downstream drying, material inner constantly grabbed, scattered under the copy board of a spiral rolling to realize heat exchange, the material move to the other side of the lining and into the middle side, at this time going counterflow drying, material in the middle are constantly repeated by lifting board, it is marching into two steps forward and one back, material in the middle  fully absorbs heat coming from the inner cylinder, and absorb the middle roller heat and prolong the drying time again at the same time, at the moment dry material is at the best condition. The Material go to the other side of the middle section and into the outer section, material within the outer cylinder in rectangular loop travel , in order to achieve the material moving fast to discharge roller under the effect of drying in hot air . Because of the weight other wet material can't advance rapidly drying, the material returns to this rectangular copy board with fully drying action, in this way it can achieve purpose of drying.


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Our technology features and advantages:
Reliable technology
1.The earliest three rotary dryer technology was from Germany, which is composed of three concentric rotating drum, material at head of the tube goes into the inner cylinder, under the action of copy plate the material back to the middle barrel, once again back to the outer barrel, finally dry material is discharged from the other end of the barrel, the length is three times as that of the traditional dryer, thus it greatly reduced the volume of the equipment.
2.Rotation speed controlling system can be adjust according to the different materials , little abrasion, safe and reliable, low maintenance cost.
3.The feeding speed can be adjusted,simple operation.
4.Large capacity , continuous operation.
5.Advanced explosion-proof fire system design, safe and convenient.

Energy conservation and high efficiency
Because of the special structure of the three rotary drum, materials in the middle barrel and the outer barrel become more spread , fully exposed to air, heat exchange area is larger, at the same time because the external heat is transferred step by step from the inner barrel to outward , it can make full use of the waste heat and reduce the heat loss.Thermal efficiency is increased by 30% - 40%; Volumetric heat transfer coefficient is twice of the single cylinder dryer.

High automation
The device can automatically finished feeding and discharging process. Exhaust temperature adopts intelligent control, and linkage with speed-control feeding device, the feed-rate can be automatically controlled, in order to make sure the dryness of the product. It saves energy consumption, as the exhaust temperature is 50-80℃.

Good appearance after drying.
Professional furnace design can make the fuel in the furnace chamber burn adequately, furnace contains several settling chamber, hot air discharge from furnace at a rather slow speed, furnace slag are blocked and dropped in the settling chamber ,in this way it ensures the purity of the high temperature air, under the condition the material doesn’t have black spots phenomenon.

Flow chart:

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Technical parameters

water evaporation(t/h)
initial moisture(%)
final moisture
drying temperature
total power
floor area(m2)