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New environmental pollution according to the daily penalty in 2015.
On 2014 push the rule of law is the rule of law build China into a year."The legislative law" first overhaul after 14 years, carrying out to upgrade the legal system;"Administrative procedural law" the implementation of 24 years after overhaul at hand during GaoGuan "people".The rule of law reform, from all aspects of social life, changing everyone's life.From 2014 into 2015, the New Year, there will be how the new changes in our lives?"In the history of the most severe environmental law" to pollute the environment costs skyrocket, unlimited, protect living environment;Archives cancellation charges, billions of dollars every year around the file fee from now on in the government budget at the same level.The university entrance exam comprehensive cancellation of a number of points, minors will be a guardian of qualification...The rule of law, and our life is closely linked.
Key words: new "environmental law"
New Year's day from illegal dredge "according to the daily penalty"
Recently, the reporter learned from provincial legislative affairs that the ash haze pollution prevention measures of sichuan province (hereinafter referred to as "method") is expected to be formally launched this month.On the basis of "method", residential buildings, without a supporting planning special flue commerce-residence building will not be allowed to open a restaurant;Outdoor barbecue will delimit business area, "cross" maximum fine of 2000 yuan.Restaurants should install lampblack purification online monitoring device.


And the way of background, is January 1, 2015.

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