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Stamping Type Biomass Briquette Machine

Stamping Type Biomass Briquette Machine

【Diameter of Pellet】 8、10、20、30、40、50、55、60、65、70、85 (mm)

【Capacity】0.8-2.2  ton/h

【Power】45-75 kw

Working Principle:

The main motor is driven by the eccentric wheel to move 280 times per minute. The screw feeding machine start to feeding the raw material, then the raw material will feed into the briquette machine of feeding box by the depiler, and then will into the press room by the screw delivery from the left and right sides. The raw material will be pressed by the punch and mold, then heating-up and soften, and the volume are smaller. Because of the taper of the forming mold. The raw material has been impacted many times, then there are harden and harden, and is gradually discharged from the mold. The briquette machine used the crank slider stamping principle. Crank slider will press 280 times per minute on normal operation. The pressure can be 300 tons. Temperature can be reach to 150-200℃. Therefore, the briquette machine has strong adaptability and well molding density. Each rotating or sliding parts are forced lubricated by oil pump. It is can be improve the service life of rotating or sliding parts.

 Production Flow:

 The raw material should be dried by the dryer (The moisture content is about 15%) → Feed into briquette machine → High temperature and high pressure, curing, stamping forming → Cooling → Package → Leave the factory.


Eight Advantages Of Briquette Machine:

 1. Multifunctional Design: The machine can produce the pellet or briquette. There is different diameter of die, which can be easily replaced. such as φ8mm, φ10mm, φ22mm, φ30mm, φ55mm, φ65mm, φ70mm, φ85mm.

 2. The shape of final product is stabilization: Mechanical stamping type. It can be automatic adjust the pressure angle by the high temperature and high pressure of mechanical stamping principle. The raw material does not crowded group and boring machine.

 3. Die have a long service life: The die uses an alloy steel material, which is ternary infiltration, vacuum quenching process. The service life of die is increased between 500 ton and 700 ton.

 4. Large capacity: The equipment can be continuously work 24 hours. High productivity and stable operation.

 5. High density: According to the mechanical stamping design, the briquette density is about 1.0-1.3g/cm3 with the briquette principle of high temperature, high pressure, and high frequency.

 6. Simple operation: High automation production line, easily operation, and less labor.

 7. Material Applicability: The machine use for agriculture and forestry waste, and domestic waste. For example, plant straw, grain, peanut shell (shell), cotton stalk, sawdust, sawdust, branches, bark, bamboo powder, furfural residue and garbage etc. Note: The moisture content of raw material should be about 15%. The length of raw material should be less than 15mm.

 8. High performance-price ratio: On the basis of similar equipment, Dingli improve the science technology and equipment function. The machine price is according to the economic affordability of the majority of customers. Especially the farmers.




Technical parameters





Diameter Of Pellet (mm)


Capacity (ton/hr.)



Product Density (g/cm3)



Main Motor Power (Kw)



Auxiliary Motor Power (Kw)



Weight (Kg)



Overall Dimensions (mm)



Applicable Raw Material

Moisture:15±3%, length 15mm

Forestry and agricultural residues, etc.