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Straw Pellet Machine

Straw Pellet Machine

【Application】 sawdust, wood powder, bamboo powder and other material.
【moisture content】10-15%
【 Capacity】1-2(T/H)
【 Pellet size】6ø, 8ø, 10ø(mm)


Straw pelletizing machine is a kind of equipment used to produce pollution-free biomass fuel by pelletizing corn straw without any additive and adhesive.Corn straw pellets have the advantage of high density, high calorific value, complete combustion, user-friendly operation, low cost, no pollution, convenient storage and transportation. The pelletizing products not only solve the fuel energy problem but also bring extra income for famers. Since straw pellet can be directly used in traditional coal furnace, it has been a good choice to replace coal fuel.

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Product features
1.Dies and rollers in our pelletizing machines are made of high-quality alloy materials, which can last for five to seven times longer than similar products.
2.The proper design of compression ratio is applicable to saw dust, corn straw, peanut shell, straw, branches, cotton stalk and waste of edible fungi.
3.Produced straw pellet is ideal product for straw gasifiers, gas stations, electric plants and export business.

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Application :
widely used in biomass-energy fuels plant, power plant, wood processing plant,fertilizer plant, chemical plant etc.
Raw materials:
woodiness, straw, peanut shell, palm nut, coconut shell, cotton seed, bamboo dust, elephant grass, sugar cane, pulp, olive slag, organic manure and so on.
Attractive advantages:
1.Non-dust workshop
2.Siemens motor, Imported SKF/NSK bearing
3.Equiped with auto cooling and oil adding system
4.National patent
5.Reasonable price


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1.Each machine is well packed by thin films.
2.Use iron case or iron pallet to fix the machine strongly.
3.All goods are ensured to arrive on time based on sales order requirements
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Technical parameters

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Ring Model Diameter(mm) Particle Size (mm)
DLMXCX350 55 0.7 350 Φ2-Φ18
DLMXCX400 75/90 1.0 400 Φ2-Φ18
DLMXCX420 90/110 1.3 420 Φ2-Φ18
DLMXCX508 110/132/160 1.8 508 Φ2-Φ18