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Wood Pellet Machine

Wood Pellet Machine

【Application】the product can used as fodder, the fuel of burners and others.
【raw material】Corn Straw,sawdust, rice husk,wheat straw,peanut shell and other mateiral.
【particle diameter】4-12mm
【raw materil moisture content】low than 15%

Biomass ring-die pellet mill  is a nationally pioneering product designed by the technical team from Dingli. The design of molds is unique. The press rollers are made of wear-resistant alloy material, The working life of wearing parts is several times of similar products. Transmission structure can realize the automatic filtering process of grease. This product with unique design, proper structure, low energy cost and strong wear resistance, which fills the domestic technical blank of vertical ring-die pellet feeding equipment. This palletization equipment is applicable to materials which is difficult to mold and bond, such as rice husk, sunflower seed husk and peanut shell, branch, trunk, wood rind, crop straw, rubber, cement, ash and other chemical materials. The pelletized product can be used in the biomass fuel plant, power plants, timber processing plants, fertilizer plant, and chemical plants. This product is a satisfying compression molding equipment with low capital cost, quick profits and free risk.




​When powder materials with different granularity are imported into the compression zone between rotating die and driven rotating roller through the internal feeding device, the materials get a certain loose degree and pores of different sizes. Driven by rotational molding and extrusion, sliding and rolling happened between powder particles. The pore between powder particles decreases with the die and roller rolling gradually. Meanwhile the internal stress and material density increases, and the contact transferred from point to surface between the powder materials. When the stress reaches a certain value, the density of the material approach the expected value. High- density materials from pre-compression zone enter into the extrusion area. Shift from elastic deformation to plastic deformation result in the present of the flow characteristics on materials, which begin to enter the die hole. Because the press between powder particles belongs to the mechanical interlocking, the contact area between powder particles increases. The property of material itself and generated bondability leads to that the materials in the die hole at certain pressure get expected density and intensity and pushed out of die hole, powder palletization process is complete when the extruded materials are cut to the required length of particles.







1.The main transmission gears drive with high precision. Dies of pellet mill adopted quick-release package type hoop, whose efficiency is about 20% higher than belt drive.
2.The whole machine transmission parts are made of high-quality imported bearing and oil seal, ensuring transmission efficient, stable and low-noise.
3.The internationally advanced compensation type snake-like spring coupling is unique, compact, safe, and stable.
4.Raise the working strength of the main parts through  materials selection and heat treatment process for expected pellet product.
5.Ring-die pellet mill gained national invention patent for our company, for the improvement on  the ring die anti-cracking, high capacity, long life time. ​
6.Equipped with non-stop refueling system and air cooling system, our product has the advantage of highly efficiency, low energy cost, steady operation and good pellet quality.

Technical parameters

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Ring Model Diameter(mm) Particle Size (mm)
DLMXCX350 55 0.7 350 Φ2-Φ18
DLMXCX400 75/90 1.0 400 Φ2-Φ18
DLMXCX420 90/110 1.3 420 Φ2-Φ18
DLMXCX508 110/132/160 1.8 508 Φ2-Φ18