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Belt Transmission Pellet Mill

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SPM520, SPM650 and SPM800 bio-pellet mills are original machine for biomass pellet  introducing special technology from the Germen Company Münch. This kind of machine is equipped with high quality die and rollers and has advanced technology. For driving system we use double motor vee belts drive. The bio-pellet mill has the features of even pressure, simple and compact  instruction, simple structure and easy operation.

Sphere of Application
This type of machine can apply for the castoff of agriculture and forestry also for the rubbish of city life. Both win the society benefit and economy.
The machine is mainly composed of three big sections. They are feeder, conditioner and the main set of bio-pellet mill. The main body of bio-pellet mill is made of such component as machine body, machine shell, main shaft assembly, quill main shaft assembly, die, roller assembly, main motor driving system etc. 
Structure characteristics
1)The die is made of excellent quality high-chromium stainless alloy steel forge piece.
2)We use high strength cast iron to found the stand of the whole machine. This ensures that the operation is safe, stainable and reliable.
3)We use alloy construction steel to cast main shaft and make it has good strength and toughness.
4)Cast steel quill main shaft with the flywheel effect of the big pulley keep the pelletization balanced, with low noise and less vibration.
5)The machine shell is fixed by bolts which are easy to install, dismantle and maintain.
6)Through auto- lubricate system, the roller can be well lubricated during operation.
7)The bio-pellet mill can enhance the system by equip the different size of die.
8)The optional equipment is feeding system, self-water system, speedless-warning system and so on according to the condition.

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