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Celebrate Inner Mongolia customers ordered our Straw dryer

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Inner Mongolia customer and our customers recently signed straw dryer cooperation projects . The equipment ordered by the customer  is the sweet sorghum stalk dryer with the work efficiency of 5 tons / hour .The two sides reached an agreement on the details of cooperation and sign the contact officially.
Sweet sorghum is also known as sweet sorghum which is a variant of grain sorghum. It can be used as sugar, animal feed and energy crops, possess a strong adaptability, drought resisting, water logging, saline-alkaline tolerance, and other stress resistances. Situated in the northern frontier of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,  has a vast territory, spanning the Northeast, North China, Northwest, adjacent to eight provinces, is the country's third largest provinces. The climate is mainly temperate continental monsoon climate,  Inner Mongolia has a rich light resource , has a large diurnal temperature difference. The natural conditions in Inner Mongolia is very suitable for sweet sorghum production, which creates conditions for the sweet sorghum development of Inner Mongolia. Taking full development and utilization of sweet sorghum resources has a significant sense for Inner Mongolia industry, animal husbandry and the sugar industry. Inner Mongolia customer owns rich sweet sorghum resources, in order to maximize the use of this resource,  buying our sweet sorghum straw dryer for disposing the straw to achieve recycling resources, while promoting local economic development.  
After customer orders the sweet sorghum stalks dryer, the straw dryer will be tailored to local circumstances and characteristics of materials. Combined with new drying technology and unique equipment that we research and develop, we believe sweet sorghum dryer meeting customer needs will debut soon. Both sides are looking forward to this cooperation, and believe that the joint effort will promote the protection utilization development of local straw environmental , and create new career heights.

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