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Advanced Coal Slurry Technical Characteristics

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1,Fully meet the customer's equipment capacity requirements, product quality and other technical indicators;

2,On the basis of our distinctive patent technology, our products adopt domestic and international advanced leading design technology , make the equipment of production line and control points one by one for safety and reliability assessment.

Based on the linear analog analysis, we adopts the corresponding precautionary measures and protection methods, in order to ensure the equipment design rationality and reliability;

3,The equipment manufactures completely in accordance with the national standard or advanced international industry standard , ancillary equipment and spare parts choose the latest series brand all over the world to ensure the equipment's

 advancement and stability;

4, After the completion of the equipment , through operation on the experiment platform assembly, commissioning, quality inspection to complete a full set of inspection, and fully meet the customer's requirements.

5,The drying system design capacity is 1000 tons/day. Strong overloading ability , large capacity, less material consumption and low drying cost;

6, Adopts downstream drying method, flue gas and wet material into the drying machine from the same side;

7,Using unique patent such as grate type lifting board and anyway Angle hybrid installation technology, fully increase the heat exchange area between the coal and hot air , adopt high temperature flue gas to obtain high evaporation strength, the

outlet temperature of the dryer is low and high thermal efficiency is good.

8,The main parts adopt frequency conversion control, which can change operation parameters according to the different material properties, make the material in the dryer cylinder body form stable whole broken fabric curtain and improve the

heat exchange more sufficiently;

9,With new-type feeding and discharging device, it can prevent from drum dryer feeding jams, discontinuous and uneven return phenomenon, reduces the loading of dust removal system, and ensure  stable and harmonious operation;

10,Special internal structure design, which not only can strengthen the effect on scattered material  cleaning and heat conduction but also eliminate the materials sticky phenomenon, making material  moisture and stickness more flexible;

11,Drying machine achieved the "zero thrust", greatly reducing abrasion between the tug wheel and catch wheel,  make cylinder run smoothly and steadily ;

12,Drying machine adopts "self-aligning roller device", make the wheel and roll ring with a forever linear contact, thus greatly reduces the abrasion and power loss;

13,We use fluidized bed combustion boiler ----- highest heat utilization efficiency,  easier to obtain high temperature and quick hot air speed, convenient maintenance,  which not only can improve the production efficiency but also and save cost


14,There is an Emergency discharge chimney and explosion-proof door in the furnace body , when an accident happened, the workers can open an emergency device and emptying heat quickly, avoiding the furnace are destroyed or other

dangerous things happen, meanwhile ensure the safe operation of drying system  and extend the service life of the equipment;

15, Hot wind temperature is 750-800 degrees, mixed chamber use refractory masonry, external device with hanging line insulation cotton, not only ensure furnace body strength at the same time but also meet the needs of the heat preservation,

make the outer surface temperature of hot air stove around 15 degrees in order to keep the operation safe and stable.

16, Dust collecting system with cyclone selection and bag dust collecting system, ensure the gas exhaust emissions up to national standards . Increase the explosion door between the end of the dryer and top of dust collector.In case of some

emergency, promise not to hurt the personal and equipment;

17,Furnace temperature, temperature at the inlet and outlet of the dryer with On-line monitoring control , guarantee the safe operation of the equipment;

18,Equipment design and manufacture according to stipulated standard HG/T20566 chemical  rotary dryer design or related industries and national standards, ensure equipment advancements;

19,Choosing equipment materials according to the standard , special parts should be higher than standard: seal device of the dryer adopts 304 stainless steel, tyre and toothed laps using 45 # forged steel, motors and electrical components are

famous brand;

20,Drum equipment manufacture are all made of automatic cutting, mouth, welding, in strict accordance with the technical requirements and technical specifications, guarantee the verticality,

concentricity and drum strength, with first-class processing equipment domestically;

21, Supply one-year spare-parts.


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