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Sawdust dryer how to maintain

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Sawdust dryer failure rate has been rising in recent years with more and more sawdust dryer accepted in the market, wood chip dryer used shorter than service life.So what caused the sawdust dryer application life shorter.Through the study,expert found that eighty percent of users used unreasonable but not wood chip dryer itself quality, but users in the application of wood chip dryer at ordinary times, didn't do a repair and maintenance work, result in the accumulation of small fault, small fault becomes bigger problem, so can make the service life of the application of wood chip dryer discount greatly.

Here is for everyone to share the secret to extend the service life of wood chip dryer application.   
1, Wood chip dryer after the operation, to spin to 0 ℃ temperature regulator knob,
reducing the boot time of improper to prolong the life of solenoid valve.  
2, Drying temperature of drying condition to set according to the material itself, so as
not to cause the material cannot be applied.  
3, A day before the application must be clear in the door in the filter impurities, such as
filter blockage, will lead to air volume decreases, and caused the slow drying or drying and dry waste energy.  
4, Week must clean up carbon powder on the gas burner, in order to prevent the suction roll
5, Clear the clutter on the heat rod on a regular basis, when finding the temperature
difference is too big, temperature controller and the thermometer reaches 5 ℃ or so, there may be two reasons: one is the heat rod is not in place, the second is heat rods with cotton wool.
6, "Cold" timer time setting usually is around a quarter of the "hot" timer time regularly.
7, Must clean up once a month the exhaust pipe and elbow, if don't clean up will make the
drying time longer, and too much clutter jams easily cause a fire.
8, The rotation gear when running if there are rushing sound, should immediately stop check
and remove.
9, All the load bearing for sawdust dryer, so good lubrication for the bearing life has a
lot to do, it will directly affect the application life of equipment and operation rate, and therefore require the injection of lubricating oil must be clean and seal must be good, the main oil place of wood chip dryer has: all rotating bearing, roller bearing, gear, bearing, sliding plane.
10, Regular check easy wear parts wear degree, pay attention to replace worn or damaged

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