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Wood Fireplace Market Develops Into a New Stage In China

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Fireplace is a device that can provide 2 functions: heating and hot water for all kinds of rooms. The fireplace products have humanized designs like safe, low power consumption, silent working state, remote control, etc.

European heating association has given full recognition to the wood pellet fireplace manufacturers in China. Fireplace for heating purpose has a long developing period in western countries-more than 70 years, while in China it has been no more than 20 years, the progress it has accomplished could be told by the product acceptance in the domestic market, when a new product has developed to a certain stage, there would be a series of name brand products appear in the market.

The consumers in China mostly comes from the north China, north western and Henan province, with more consumers showed up, the business of fireplace has been growing during the past few years.

When comes to export, wood pellet fireplace manufactured in China might not be able to have advantage in the fierce competition in the western market, the new markets are going to be the main field for wood pellet fireplaces made in China.


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