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The important role of seal to Rotary drum dryer

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Sealing mainly include two types: static seal and dynamic seal.Various types of sealing, has its characteristic and the using range.Different medium to be sealed, and the equipment of different working conditions, the requirements of the seal material will have different applicability.

 Sealing structure is an essential part of in a lot of machinery and equipment, it can prevent the liquid or solid particles from leakage between adjacent joint surface, and prevent the impurities such as dust and moisture of shooting machine equipment inside.Seal is the basic requirement of sealing good, safe and reliable, long life, compact structure, simple system, convenient manufacture and maintenance, low cost, most of the seal parts, should guarantee the interchangeability, realize the standardization, seriation.Seal leakage problem yuan is permanent pursuit of mechanical equipment.

Rotary drum dryer is a kind of dry heat conduction inside the contact type mechanical equipment, in the process of drying, the heat from the drum wall to the outer wall surface, through the drum heating surfaces and the lateral surface of the roller contact, extrusion on the moisture in the wet material, high temperature heating, make the most of the evaporation, water is a kind of continuous dry production machinery.Original design without sealing structure on both ends of the rotary drum dryer, run time, the material from the ends of the drum and the compression roller leakage, after a long run, leakage of material accumulation in the conveyor mesh belt on the drum surface and the equipment on the shelf, solidified on the surface, make the conveyor mesh belt uneven, not only affects the material extrusion drying effect, also make the belt life is reduced, and it is difficult to clean up, both pollution job site, not environmental protection;Adding workers workload, economical efficiency.

Dingli think, in dryer equipment technology development, improve the seal will become an important trend.


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