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SPM Wood Pelleting Plants

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Dingli pellet plant is designed to process various kinds of raw material,such as wood logs,wood planks,wood slabs,wood chips,etc.Because we have professionally designed wood chipping machine and wood crushers that will reduce the sizes of all materials. The feedstock of pellet mill should has suitable particle size and moisture content.The two processes could be called Pretreatment System. 
Drum Chipper,Hammer Crusher,Sawdust Machine are the main equipment that will be included in a complete pellet plant.


Another very important parameter for the production of pellets is the humidity of the sawdust material. If the material to be processed is too wet, the line requires a dryer or a dehydrating unit that is able to dry the sawdust material.
Such a machine needs a generator to produce hot air, or more in general, heat that can carry out the drying process; there are many ways to create heat, such as using sawdust,chips, natural gas or methane or other systems or fuels on request.
The product coming from the dryer can be fed directly into the hammer mill if the flow is constant; otherwise a buffer bin is necessary.
For the grinding of the wood chips and shavings a heavy-duty hammer mill is needed.
Uniform particle size is important for a good pellet quality and should have little dust content.
The SPM series MFSP hammer mill is designed for the most demanding operations. This rugged, high efficiency hammer mill is capable of fine grinding either friable or fibrous materials. The high density frame is designed to minimize noise and vibration. The series HM features the airswept  "tear cicle" design and regrind chamber. The material is ground down through ¢ 8mm screens in order to obtain the optimum size (less 6mm) for pelleting.
The particles of wood sawdust should be for at least 90% smaller than the hole diameter of the die, as otherwise too much of the comminution will be done in the pellet press. As a result, hte capacity will decrease and the spare parts will be worn much faster.
Due to the high percentage of crude fiber, the capacity of wood pelletizing is relatively low and the energy consumption is about 60-80 kw/ton. 
Needle wood is easier to pelletize than hardwood. Pelletizing hardwood, the energy consumption is about 30% higher. Therefore the materials should be mixed, if possible.
SPM has led the way in developing specialized pellet mills and dies to produce wood pellets both efficient and economical. Innovative engineering and design have been combined with the latest manufacturing technology. The SPM Heavy-duty pellet mills are built to operate 24 hours a day under tough running conditions to match the output requirements. Particularly, the volume is reduced from about 100 to 650 kg/m3 from sawdust to wood pellets. Wood pellets can be used for both household and industrial use. The diameter of the pellets are 6mm for household up to 10mm for industrial.
More information  about SPM pellet mills,please visit our product site:
Besides wood chips and sawdust this machine can also handle wet bark and construction wood chips.
A spark detection system is recommended to reduce the risk of fire and increase safety.
After pelleting the pellets must be cooled to enhance pellet hardness and storages stability. SKLN  counterflow cooler are the most advanced in the industry. SKLN Counterflow coolers provides improved moisture control and low-shock tempered cooling.
Pellets will enter the cooler and are cooled by means of an airflow, which enters the cooler through the discharge gate and leaves the cooler from the air outlet. The discharge air contains moisture and wood dust, which are separated in a high efficient cyclone. After discharge via the triple grid discharge mechanism the product will be passed over a sieve to ensure a clean and dust free high quality product.

After being cooled,the pellets will be sifted by Rotary Pellet Sifter,qualifed pellets will be packed by Semi Automatic Pellet Bagging Machine or Jumble Bag Packing System.
Full Automatic Bagging System including Robots is also included in our product supply and service range.More information please send enquiry to us.
Pellets are eco-friendly, that is, they are produced with wood waste from wood-working industries, and do not contain any type of pollutants such as glues or plastics. This fuel is cylindrically shaped, its length varies from 1 cm to 5 cm and its diameter ranges from 6 to 10 mm. Pellets are created by firstly selection and preparing the wood waste and then subjecting it to extreme pressing.
Pellets offer enormous advantages over standard wood; firstly, a heat value of 4500 Kcal/kg which is 1.5 times more than standard wood; secondly, with pellets and their specific stove you can have a modular heating based on the heat required (because the amount of fuel is regulated directly by the stove). Pellets thus rate better than standard wood with which it was impossible to achieve an excellent heating performance. But if one wants precise data one has to compare pellets to the most common fuels. With 2000 kilos of pellets (more or less 3200 kg of wood) the performance is about: -960 cubic meters of natural gas -1000 L of Diesel fuel -1400 L of GPL.
Wood waste, sawdust, straw, agricultural biomass, waste paper, municipal and industrial waste, waste tyres, sewage sludge, plastic waste, and many more...


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