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Biomass Pellet Fuel

Biomass Pellet Fuel

【Raw Material】Wood,corn Straw,sawdust, rice husk,wheat straw,peanut shell and other mateiral.
【Pellet size】4-12mm
【Price】USD135 /ton
【Calorific value】≥4100kcal/kg
【Minimum Quantity】≥30000kg


Dingli Biomass Pellet Fuel Introduction:
Dingli biomass particles as a new type of pellet fuel, composed by all sorts of biological straw, sawdust and other herbal, woody plants drying through extrusion and molding, with its peculiar advantage won widespread reputation.Compared with the traditional fuel,which not only has economic advantages and environmental benefits, also fully meet the demand of sustainable development. Firstly, the compressed volume, shape for high density particles, saves storage space, also facilitate transportation, reduce the transportation cost.

Some raw matgerial of biomass pellet fuel

raw material

Secondly, the combustion efficiency is high, easy to burnout, less residual carbon, compared with coal, high content of volatilization of ignition temperature is low, easy to ignite, density increased, the energy density is big, glowing combustion that persists for a long time, can be directly applied in coal fired boilers, which can replace non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil, widely used in household, industrial enterprises of combustion heating equipment.
The biomass pellet

biomass pellet fuel.jpg

biomass pellet.jpg

The Advantage of Biomass Pellet Fuel
1.Biomass pellet fuel calorific value is big, calorific value is around 3900-4800 kcal。
2.Biomass pellet fuel with high purity, excluding other stuff which does not produce heat, the carbon content of 50-80%, ash in 1-5%, water content of 7-12%, without such impurities as coal gangue, stone which has no heat but cost heat,it will directly reduce the cost for the enterprise.
3.Biomass pellet fuel has low sulfur, phosphorus content, no corrosion of the boiler,which can prolong the service life of the boiler, and the enterprise will benefit a lot.
4.Due to low biomass pellet fuel sulfur phosphorus content, burning sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide is little, so that it can't cause acid rain, no atmospheric pollution, without environment pollution, environmental protection equipment investment and operation cost is low.
5.Biomass pellet fuel is clean , easy feeding, reduce the labor intensity of workers, greatly improve the working environment, the enterprise will reduce the cost for labor protection.
6.Biomass pellet fuel with  little  burning ash , greatly reduce the field stacking breeze, reduce the cost of slagging.
7.Biomass pellet fuel ash after combustion is high-quality organic fertilizer ,which can be recycled and made profit.
8.Biomass pellet fuel is nature's gift to our renewable energy, which is health, environmental protection, cheap and sustainable development.

Biomass pellet fuel quality indicators:Wood pellet fuel heat acuity ≥ 4000 kcal,moisture content ≤12% , straw pellet fuel heat acuity ≥3800 kcal, moisture content ≤ 15% .
Grain diameter is 8-12 mm, density (kg/m3) ≥ 1.12, ash content ≤3% , total sulfur (%) ≤ 0.03%.

Biomass pellet fuel packing standard:25 kg or 50 kg/bag

Dingli biomass pellet fuel production site:

Drying system equipment

rotary dryer 1.jpg

Biomass pellet plant equipment

rotary dryer 2.jpg