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Direct-Heating Air Furnace

Direct-Heating Air Furnace

【Application】 It is widely used for heating, damp removing of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff, textile, printing and dyeing, food,   grain processing, etc
【Rated heating capacity】 200,000~2000,000kcal/h
【Hot air temperature】 200~650℃
【Fuel】wood, coal and others

                                                  Direct-Heating Air Furnace

Direct-heating air furnace is one kind of heating equipment used for the fields that do not have strict request on product appearance. This product has the feature of complete combustion and energy saving.

Cool air is preheated repeatedly in furnace chamber and then enters into the furnace cavity with the negative pressure caused by draught fan. The produced hot air can be directly sent to drying equipment such as rotary dryers.

Technical parameters

 Model 1.3*1.5 1.2*1.4 1.0*12 0.8*1.0
Temperature 600-800 500-650 400-500 300-400
Fan model Y5-47-6C Y5-47-6C Y5-47-6C Y5-47-5C
Weight(t) 7.5 7 6 5