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Bean dregs dryer structure and working principle

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Bean dregs drying equipment is mainly composed of heat source equipment (hot blast stove or gas producer), feeder (scattered machine), the rotary drum drying, discharging machine, induced draft fan, transmission equipment,dis-charger and distribution;After a certain wet bean dregs after dehydration after break up by the drum feeder into the bean dregs drying equipment, uniformly distributed in the roller feed plate flip, copy board evenly dispersed in a dry area with a good contact with the hot air, to speed up the drying heat transfer, mass transfer;Moisture by induced air equipment, prevent material get damp.In the process of drying, bean dregs in copy with gradient plate and the uniform motion under the action of heat medium to the other end of the bean dregs dryer drying product discharge valve to discharge.In this type of dryer design, fully consider the bean curd moisture content, high protein content, the characteristics of big viscosity, and adopted a series of innovative technology and unique technology to be solved, in order to ensure good drying effect.

(this tofu dryers with process only for the finished product in a dry bean dregs not strictly cosmetic requirements).
The main characteristics of bean dregs dryer machine.
1.The bean dregs drying equipment structure, simple, good material through the barrel resistance smooth operation, easy to operate. 
2.The uniformity of product drying is good.
3.Less failure, low maintenance cost, low power consumption.
4.Bean dregs dryer of break up the special device, make sure that the bean dregs of drying equipment drying effect. 
5.After drying section can match after crushing, mixing, granulating, packaging and other subsequent section, in order to produce bean dregs pellet feed products. 
6.The overall system, sealed performance is good, and is equipped with perfect dust removal equipment, no dust spillover, good operating environment.
7.The whole bean dregs drying system USES electric centralized control, hot blast temperature automatic adjustment, high automation, convenient operation.
Sealed device adopts novel and unique, and with good effect of heat preservation system, effectively reduce the coal consumption of bean dregs drying equipment system.
9.Bean dregs drying high mechanization degree, large production capacity, can work continuously.

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