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The application area and product advantages of Dingli peat dryer

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Peat is also called turf, which has lowest degree of coalification and is the most primitive state of coal.

Now in the world, the peat can be excavated in many places around the world, almost all of the peat area (about 80% of the total) are located in high latitudes, and about 60% of the wetlands in the world are peat contained area.

In the places which abounds peat, peat is used as fuel and fertilizer raw materials in everyday life. In Scotland, peat is widely used as source of fuel for baking sprouted barley in the process of manufacturing scotch whisky. This kind of dried barley has unique smoky aroma, and have a scotch whisky flavor characteristic which is also called peatiness.

Peat rotary dryer is special designed and manufactured for the peat with high moisture, large viscosity, low density, low heat resistance, easy cluster and other characteristic, which is based on the market demand. This peat drying system mainly includes heating source, feeding equipment, belt feeding machine, rotary drum, discharge equipment, dust collector, belt discharging machine, induced draft fan, peat combustion, temperature control device,power operation system and so on. 

The unique performance advantages of Drum dryer: Dingli Peat dryer adopts innovate equipment combination, which has strong extensible ability and large processing capacity. The thermal efficiency of our unique new type pulverized coal furnace is 99%, which has the advantages of  low fuel consumption, low power  consumption, low drying cost(3/5 of the traditional rotary dryer). We adopt special modular design and manufacturing, with high mechanization degree, convenient installation, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Technologically we set different lift boards and crushing cleaning structure at different drying period. This design achieves good drying effect and solves the problem of wall sticking. At the same time, it also can control the product granularity in the process of drying and prevent the product which is  too large or too small particles. Besides, this peat rotary dryer adopts the self-aligning roller structure and resistance reduction technology, which can reduce the wear consumption  and power consumption. Our peat dryer also adopts special gear wheel structure, which can reduce the horizontal force when the equipment works aslant, effectively ensuring the service life of the dryer.

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