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Zhengzhou Dingli Group's dryer products cover wood chips, sawdust, shavings, wood flour, sawdust and wood chips and other wood processing scrap drying and granulating production lines. Drying equipment for brewer's grains, brewer's yeast, cassava residue, potato residue, coconut residue, etc. Chicken manure, cow manure, bird manure, and other manure drying organic fertilizer production line equipment. Coconut shreds, coconut bran, palm shreds drying equipment. Coal drying equipment for coal slime, lignite, Mongolian coal, clean coal, and fly ash. Coconut husk, wood block, wood chips, rice husk and other biomass carbonization equipment. With 17 years of R&D and production experience, it has a number of technical patents. Have a professional installation and after-sales team. There have been many successful cases in the world.


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