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Jute Stick Carbonization Furnace

Capacity:  300-1000 kg/8h
Application: suitable for all kinds of agricultural and forestry biomass charring making. For example, sawdust, wood chip, bamboo, coconut shell, cherry shell, jujube, walnut shell, apricot shell, peanut shell, rice husk, cotton stalk, straw, bean curd, etc.
  • Processing customized:yes
  • Product brand:DINGLI
  • Specifications:DLTL-1000
  • Capacity:1000kg/5-8h
  • Diameter:2.15m
  • Height:2.2m
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
  • Material:Carbon steel, refractory


Below is Jute Sticks Charcoal Making Machine Carbonizing Process:

Dingli biomass dry distillation carbonization furnace is composed by carbonization furnace body, furnace cover, inner tank, material cage, combustible gas return pipe, exhaust pipe, flue gas dust removal device, tank lifting device and thermometer. 

The furnace adopts the principle of anaerobic dry distillation to remove the volatile substances in the biomass, and achieve the purpose of biomass carbonization. 

Carbonization process have four steps: charging sealing furnace - preheat drying - anaerobic carbonization - cooling carbon.

Below is Jute Sticks Charcoal Making Machine Working Principle:

Charging sealing furnace is putting the biomass core rods, shells and other materials into cage. The cage is divided into two or three layers. in turn into the inner tank, cover, lock the buckle, lifting the charging tank into the furnace. Preheat drying in the furnace with wood and other fuel heating, slowly heated from room temperature to 220-250 ℃, the process time 1.2-2.0 hours (according to the material moisture content, density, particle size determines the specific heating time), and discharge the material moisture and the air in the tank.

Anaerobic carbonization is the furnace temperature to the beginning of weak yellow smoke in the smoke pipe (hydrogen and other volatile substances) discharge, that is the beginning of carbonization, recovery of combustible gas into the furnace ignition, adjust intake air, maintain the tank temperature 300-450 ℃ for 2.0-3.5 hours (according to the carbonized material density, particle size, and carbonization depth requirements determine the specific temperature and carbonization time). 

When the furnace is natural flameout, namely for the end of carbonization. Cooling out the carbon is hanging out of the tank from furnace, into the cooling area of natural cooling or spray water cooling, until the inner tank temperature dropped to below 50 ℃, then open the cover out of charcoal. The total furnace temperature and carbonization time is 3.5-5.5 hours. It can complete 3-6 furnace time in 24 hours. 

Exhaust gas through dust collector treatment to reach discharge standards. 3 sets of carbonization furnace in parallel use, peak shifting carbonization, which can be completely used volatile gas heating carbonization furnace, without using additional fuel.

Dingli new model products

The machine adopts an advanced thermal dry distillation carbonization technology. It is greatly increase the carbonization rate from 85% to 98%. 


Which is easily operation

It uses the mobile production,which is easily operation, safe and protection environmental, and high production efficiency, which can save a lot of energy. It is the ideal equipment of coal, gas, oil, power plant. 


Better quality

More sets of combined distillation carbonization furnace use the hoisting composite structure. It uses the hanging from the cooling method to shorten the production product date.


Energy saving and environmental protection

The excess gas can be a heat source for dryer. Which can be save a lot of fuel in the production. That is improve the benefit of enterprise. Carbonized without using dynamic electricity.

DLTL-300 300kg/4-6h 1.45m 1.85m Carbon steel, refractory
DLTL-500 500kg/4-8h 1.8m 1.9m
DLTL-1000 1000kg/5-8h 2.15m 2.2m
Rice husk carbonization equipmen

Rice husk carbonization equipmen

Capacity : 1t/h

add: Zhejiang China

Biomass carbonization furnace in

Biomass carbonization furnace in

Capacity : 1t / h

add: Inner Mongolia

Coconut shell carbonization prod

Coconut shell carbonization prod

Capacity : 500kg/4-8h

add: Bangkok Thailand

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