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Horizontal Biomass Carbonization Plant

  • 【Capacity】: 4-12 m3
  • 【Dried Material Moisture】:

【Application】:Carbonization for materials such as log, wood, jute stick and other long rod-type biomass.

Introduction & Principle

Dingli Horizontal Biomass Dry Distillation Carbonization Furnace is based on the characteristics of long rod biomass such as logs, wood, sawdust, and jute rods. It adopts horizontal structure, manual charging, cart feeding, and discharging, and advanced hot air dry distillation The carbonization process technology adopts the unique carbonization combustible gas back-burning technology so that the flue gas generated by carbonization can be fully utilized to meet the heat demand of the carbonization furnace itself, and the carbonization rate is greatly improved. The carbonization rate is increased from about 80% to 95%. It is easy to operate, safe, and environmentally friendly, with high production efficiency, and can save a lot of energy. It is ideal equipment for long-rod biomass carbonization. Combined mode of multiple units, carbonized combustible gas is used in series, saving fuel in carbonization production and improving enterprise efficiency.

Horizontal carbonization machine

carbonization machine

Dingli horizontal biomass dry distillation carbonization furnace is composed of carbonization liner, thermal insulation layer, furnace door, feeding car (small size not configured), combustible gas return combustion pipe, dehumidification buffer tank, burner, smoke exhaust pipe, and thermometer. Equipped with pre-burning gasifier, flue gas purification device, etc. The furnace adopts the principle of anaerobic dry distillation to remove volatile substances from biomass to achieve the purpose of carbonization of biomass. The charging and sealing furnace is to stack the biomass raw materials to be carbonized into the charging truck, push it into the carbonization furnace, seal the cover, and lock the furnace door; -250 ℃, the processing time is 4-12 hours (the specific heating time is determined according to the moisture content, density, diameter and furnace size of the raw material), and the moisture in the material and the air in the liner are discharged; oxygen-free carbonization The tube begins to emit faint yellow smoke (combustible gas), that is, carbonization begins, and the recovered combustible gas enters the furnace to ignite, adjust the air intake, and keep the temperature in the inner tank at 300-500 ° C for 2.0-3.5 hours (according to the density and diameter of the carbonized material). , the carbonization depth requirements and the size of the furnace determine the specific temperature and carbonization time). When the temperature is below 50°C, open the lid and discharge the charcoal. The total heating and carbonization time in this furnace type furnace is 5.0-15.5 hours, and 1-2 furnaces can be completed in 24 hours. The exhaust flue gas is treated by the dust collector to meet the standard emission. 3-5 carbonization furnaces are used in parallel, and the peak carbonization can be used to maximize the use of combustible gas to heat the carbonization furnace and reduce the consumption of wood fuel.


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Carbonization time

Length(m) Width(m) Internal Diameter(m) Internal Length(m) Material EXW Price(USD) With Purifier Purifier Price(USD)
DLWT300 1.2/6h 1.9 1.15 1.7 0.95 Carbon steel 1400 No 300
DLWT700 3/7h 1.9 1.7 1.7 1.5 2600 300
DLWT1000 4.76/7h 2.9 1.7 2.7 1.5 4800 500
DLWT1600 7.65/9h 2.9 2.2 2.7 1.9 7600 500
DLWT2000 10.48/10h 3.9 2.2 3.7 1.9 9100 Yes 0
DLWT3100 15.86/12h 5.8 2.2 5.6 1.9 12000 0



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