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Dingli New Energy takes you know well about the mining furnace fuel

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The fuel of Chinese hot blast stove equipment (including power plant stove and industrial stove) is mainly fossil fuel, such as coal, petroleum product, nature gas, etc. Depend on the reserves and the situation of the exploitation of Chinese fossil fuel, coal is not only for china, but also the important source for the world during a long time.

According to the physical state of stove fuel, the fuel of hot blast stove can be divided into solid fuel, liquid fuel and gas fuel three major types. The solid fuel includes coal (anthracite, lean coal and bituminous coal, lignite, peat, etc), shale and biomass (wood, straw, waste, etc); liquid fuel includes petroleum and its products (light oil, diesel oil, heavy oil, etc); Gas fuel includes nature gas (nature gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal-bed methane, etc), gas (city gas, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, etc), marsh gas.

Fuel is a complex composition and made up of combustibles and nonflammable ingredient, especially the component and structure of coal are very complex. For solid (liquid) fuel, its combustible component can be expressed by organic compounds of elemental analysis, as for gas fuel, it can be expressed by all kinds of combustible gas ingredient. Nonflammable compositions mainly are ash (all kinds of mineral salts), water (including the external water MF and internal moisture MINF) and some gas (CO2, SO2, etc.).

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