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Israel wood drying production line installation site

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Good news came from the installation front: the installation and commissioning work of Israel wood drying production line  is progressing well,  the completion of the project marks that the anticipated wood drying production line is about to flex its muscles in the Israeli market.

Israel sawdust dryer installation site:

wood chip dryer

Israel customer orders the 3T / H wood drying production line, which applies the most newly developed drying technique, and that is built by Zhengzhou Dingli as the latest generation of wood drying equipment. It has overturned the traditional drying mode with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection advantages  , quickly captures the market at home and abroad.The advent and use of the equipment  is of great significance for wood biomass energy development. The Israeli customers ordered our new generation of wood drying production line,they focused on the high capacity and high efficiency of the device and other advantages, the successful completion of the project now also indicates that Dingli sawdust dryer shines in the Israeli market .

The two sides working together in the wood drying project will promote local biomass energy development, while consolidating the leading position of Dingli sawdust dryer drying  in the international field.

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