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Brewer's grain drying production line delivery today

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In June this year, Budweiser InBev (Foshan) Beer Co. Ltd signed our company 600 tons/day of brewer's grain drying production line, which has been completed production and is about to delivery to Foshan city, Guangdong province. Our company to sign the contact after the first time to transfer equipment project and timely feedback equipment production progress.


Brewer's grain drying lines ahead of the shipment, Budweiser InBev (Foshan) Beer company's responsible person to Dingli company inspection. Dingli production department's staff accompany the customer to view one by one for drying line main part roller、hot air stove、 dust collector. The customer determined in accordance with contract and quality standards agreed to take delivery of the goods.

Budweiser InBev (Foshan) Beer Co. Ltd is the world's leading brewer brewing. Company is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Budweiser InBev (Foshan) Beer Co. Ltd is Budweiser beer group established after the founding of the first Winery in China. And that is currently the scale largest beer brewing in Foshan city.Excellent quality, excellent packaging and stricter safety and environmental protection management lead Budweiser company always ranks first in the industry.







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