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Anwei customer visited Dingli company potato residue drying equipment

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Zhengzhou Dingli welcomed customers from Anwei province to visit our company potato residue drying equipment. Our company sales department's leader was warmly received. The customer is from local a starch factory, which produces large amounts of potato residue each year. Due to its high nutritional value, so as raw material is made feed sales by many feed companies. But manufacturers sell potato residue before it contains a lot of water adverse storage and transport, that use the drying equipment excess water removed may be sold. This was Anhui customers to visit Zhengzhou Dingli of intention.

Through early communications that customers is very interested in our company equipment, finally they made the schedule come to our company site visit. Our company sales staff accompanied customer to visit product showroom and workshop, and both sides jointly watch our company dryer case with live video, pictures and dry samples. Customers to our company's research and development strength and potato residue drying equipment technology and programmes, that gives fully affirmed and showed cooperation intention, both sides have fully confidence for the project cooperation. I believe that it will start to cooperation and join hands create potato residue drying lines.

Potato residue as raw materials production and processing of protein feed nutrient is rich, it is easy digestive and absorbed. What's more, it's cost performance higher is than similar products on the market. And its economic value, environmental and social benefits are obvious, that will effectively alleviate animal husbandry feed situation. And it develops new sources of protein feed for the development of animal husbandry.

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