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Shandong brewer’s grain drying production line putting into operation and operation

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Recently, our company after-sales department came Shandong linyi brewer’s grain dryer production photos. The project was formally put into production and operation. Later period our will provide a lot of after-service,including equipment regular inspections, breakdown maintenance and distribution of wearing parts etc.
Brewer’s gain dryer can quickly dry material. Brewer’s grain dryer main is consists of the heating source, feeding machine and feeder, rotary drum, discharging machine, draft fan machine and unloader and power distribution cabinet. In the drying process, brewer’s grain in the tilt of the copy board and under the effect of heat medium, material to the dryer another section star-shaped discharge valve discharging dry products.

Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2005, now our company has employs nearly 200. Our company's main product is rotary drum dryer, products sell more than 50 countries and regions. Europe country included United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Russia etc, Asia country is more, there are more than 20 countries. More concentrated markets is  Southeast Asia and India. In Southeast Asia 11 countries, our products is all over 8 countries. In United States, Chile, Morocco, Algeria, and Madagascar etc, Which are selling our products.



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