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Congratulations for Zhengzhou Dingli company organic fertilizer granulation production line export to Ivory Coast

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Zhengzhou Dingli company foreign trade is booming, orders are constantly increase! Recently, our company production of organic fertilizer granulation production line will export to Ivory Coast. Both sides have signed project cooperation contract in Zhengzhou Dingli company, capacity is 5T/h.
The Ivory Coast customers cooperation organic fertilizer granulation production line with  Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, which is chicken manure as raw material, processed into organic fertilizer. The set of organic fertilizer granulation equipment feature has high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection and so on.

Livestock and poultry industry of rapid development, that produces a lot of manure and sewage. These manure of harmful elements are excessive exceed standard, it is difficult for dealing with situation. Our company developed a high efficient solid-liquid composting sterilization and deodorization technology as the core, high efficient manure composting fermentation, raw materials are mixed, particle processing, drying and packaging etc.

Organic fertilizer production line not only can meet local fertilizer demand, but also meet around market of requirement. It is widely used in the cropland, fruiter, flowers and plants, landscaping, upscale turf, soil etc other areas, it has very good results.

At present, our company equipment has settled Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America etc five continents more than 20 states. This is our company equipment again export to African, our company leader still value. After the project immediately signed, and established project group, clear the different departments divide the work, ensure the project ordered, is responsible for the project of engineers is experience rich, strive to build high-end of organic fertilizer drying equipment for customer.



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