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Zhengzhou Dingli company again hand in hand with Fujian customer created brewer’s grain drying line phase II project

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Congratulations for Fujian customer again cooperated with our company, and sign brewer’s grain  drying line phase II project contract. The customer cooperation with our company a brewer’s grain drying line and projects running smoothly, drying effect meet the needs of customer and bring some economic benefits for customer. This year, customer intends to increase input, and again add a drying line. The company ever happy cooperation with our company, this year of March, that again chose cooperation with our company.
"Returned customer" not only include Fujian customer, our company export to Laos brewer ‘s grain drying lines in 2015, after production and run in local, the brewer's grain drying effect and economic benefit are very good, after customers increasing capacity, and that our company again cooperation 2 brewer’s grain drying projects with our company. Huating coal industry ordered our company 4 coal drying production line etc. These performance proved that Zhengzhou Dingli company professional drying equipment technology level.

Our company technical staff according to everywhere brewer's grain of characteristics customized  equipment for customer. Unique drying process greatly improves the drying effect, Zhengzhou Dingli company blockbuster launched a new brewer’s grain dryer performance, and quality is more better and more environmental protection and more save energy. Zhengzhou Dingli company great attaches great importance to product quality and product of acceptance for customer. Zhengzhou Dingli company brewer's grain drying production line in continuous research and development, brand can constantly upgrade. Our company goal is that make industry’s leader.


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