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Disc Pellet Mill

  • 【Capacity】: 0.02-6 t/h
  • 【Dried Material Moisture】:

【Application】:suitable to drying granulating disc is widely used in biological organic fertilizer processing of spherical particles, such as coal, cement, clinker, fertilizer and other materials.

Introduction & Principle

Disc pellet mill is one of the commonly used equipment in the fertilizer industry. The machine has a simple structure, high strength, easy maintenance, easy to use, high granulating rate, particle size uniform. The equipment is Dingli found by research and design an advanced technology from domestic and abroad country with a constant speed mixing of raw materials into the disk, the gravity, centrifugal force and material of the pellet mill. The disc type pellet mill for displacement measuring feeding device. It can be smooth, continuous feed material to the next working procedure, and able to deal with larger cabin pressure. As a fine grained material feeding device, is suitable for transporting powdery, beaded or small state of all kinds of viscous material, such as coal, cement, clinker, limestone, shale, coal gangue, clay powder, granular or small block material. It can be widely applied to choose gold factory, mining factory and chemical industry, infrastructure and mechanized foundry in continuous uniform, quantitative feeding and ingredients. The equipment has simple structure, convenient adjustment, superior performance. This machine is used for conveying material particle size below 50 mm, which is not suitable for conveying meaning viscous, not easy flow material and liquidity particularly good material.

Raw meal powder is atomized water wet in the uniform biaxial blender. The formation of grain size is very uniform ball cores. Then the pellet is sent into a ball plate into a ball. The moisture of material ball should be controlled in 12 ~ 14%. Water should be mostly in biaxial blender to join, fill into the ball dropped only adding a small amount of water, adding water control in 0 ~ 3%.


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Model Disc diameter(mm) Height(mm) Rotation speed(r/min) Motor power(kw) Capacity(T/h) Reducer model(m)
DLYL-500 500 200 32 0.55 0.02-0.05 BWY0-43-0.55KW
DLYL-600 600 280 0.84 0.75 0.05-0.1 BWY0-43-0.55KW
DLYL-800 800 200 21 1.5 0.1-0.2 XWD4-71-1.5KW
DLYL-1000 1000 250 21 1.5 0.2-0.3 XWD4-71-1.5KW
DLYL-1200 1200 250 21 1.5 0.3-0.5 XWD4-71-1.5KW
DLYL-1500 1500 300 21 3 0.5-0.8 XWD5-71-3KW
DLYL-1800 1500 300 21 3 0.8-1.2 XWD5-71-3KW
DLYL-2000 2000 350 21 4 1.2-1.5 XWD5-71-4KW
DLYL-2500 2500 450 14 7.5 1.5-2.0 ZQ350


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