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A Good Choice for Heating

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Many building owners use fossil heating fuels, such as oil or propane, for space heating. These fuels are often expensive anunstable in pricing, and are threatening the global climate and sustainability of communities.  Proven alternatives to fossil heating fuels exist and are already in use across North America: Biomass fuels are a local, renewable re-source for providing reliable heat. Wood pellets are a common type of biomass. Biomass is any biological material that can be used as fuel—including grass, corn, wood, and biogas as well as other forestry and agricultural residues.

One biomass fuel that has gained national attention with rising fossil fuel prices is wood pellets.Wood pellets are compressed by-products from the forest products industry, of-ten woodchips and sawdust.They are a locally available and a cost-effective heating fuel with several advantages over other types of biomass. 

Wood pellets are a condensed uniformly sized form of biomass energy, making them easier to store and use than many other biomass fuels.  Pellet heating technology is also quite simple, minimizing operation and maintenance requirements.These heating systems can be easy to plan for and install and can save a building owner thousands of dollars in energy costs over time while providing significant local economic and environ-mental benefits.

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