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Advantages to heat with the biomass

Time: 2015-07-17Author: dingli

Using biomass fuels helps mitigate such environmental issues as acid rain and global climate change.Perhaps the greatest advantage of biomass fuels, however, is that they cost on average 25-50 percent less than fossil heating fuels and are more stable in price.  It is unlikely that any future carbon or energy taxes will increase the cost of biomass fuels and are more likely to raise the cost of heating with fossil fuels.  The technology is becoming well established in the North American market and the choice to heat with biomass fuels can be as simple as choosing a traditional fossil fuel heating system.   

In addition, wood pellets:
•are convenient and easy to use, and can be bulk stored in less space than other bio-mass fuels
•have a high energy content, and the technology is highly efficient compared to other biomass fuels
•are a clean-burning renewable fuel source
•are produced from such waste materials as forestry residues and sawdust
•have stable price compared to fossil fuels

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