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Operating Guidelines of sawdust dryer’s installation and maintenance

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Sawdust dryer is dedicated device designed for drying wood chips, sawdust, wood powder, wood and other materials. It has a large drying production, low maintenance , remarkable energy saving effect and other characteristics. The maintenance of sawdust dryer is an extremely important regular work, it should has a close cooperation with operation and troubleshooting, besides, there should be full-time staff checking on duty.

Firstly, Sawdust dryer’s installation and commissioning:

1.This equipment should be installed on the horizontal concrete foundation, and use stone bolt to fix it.

2.Should keep the main body vertical to the level.

3.Check bolt of each part whether has any loose after installation and if the storehouse door of host is fastened, please fastened it timely.

4.According to the equipment power to configure the power code and its control switch.

5.After finishing the check, starting the empty load test, if the test was normal, then it can be used to produce .

Secondly, maintenance of sawdust dryer :

1. Bearing shoulder the entire load of the machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship for the bearing life , it directly affects the service life and the operation rate of the machine, which requires the injected lubricant must be clean, seal must be good. The main oiling office of this machine has turn bearing , roller bearing , all gears , activities bearings, sliding plane.

2. The newly installed tire is prone to loosen, must always be checked.
3. Note that whether each part of the machine works properly or not.
4.Pay attention to check the attrition rate of wear parts and replacement of worn parts.
5. Oil temperature of  bearing rises, should immediately stop to check the reason and eliminate them.

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