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Why Wood Pellet Will Replace Coal and Charcoal in Future

Date:2015-04-08 15:04:09 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Recently there is an opinion that wood pellet will replace the coal and charcoal in the near future, develop the wood pellet industry makes some sense for the following reasons:

Use wood pellet as the alternative fuel for traditional fuels like coal and fossil fuels has the advantages of protecting the environment, slowing down the climate change, make the agriculture more environmental friendly, the economy will not have to rely on the fossil oil and the cost of petroleum import will be reduced, so is the carbon dioxide. Except for these reasons, wood pellet technology is also much simpler and easier to realize than the other bio-fuels, it is foreseeable that in a very short time the wood pellet research would be more mature and wood pellets for different uses will be widely used.

So we can see from above that for better environmental and economy benefits, the wood pellet industry is going to grow very fast and coal and charcoal products will be taken place by wood pellets.

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