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Dingli Coal Slime Rotary Dryer will shipped to Shangdong Province

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Today our coal slime rotary dryer has been finished and it will be shipped to Shangdong province.
The advantage of our rotary dryers are as follows:
1.Fully meet the customer's equipment capacity requirements, product quality and other  technical indicators;

coal slime shippment.jpgcoal slurry shipping .jpg2.Adopts downstream drying method, flue gas and wet material into the drying machine from the same side;
3.Using unique patent such as grate type lifting board and anyway Angle hybrid installation technology, fully increase the heat exchange area between the coal and hot air , adopt high temperature flue gas to obtain high evaporation strength, the outlet temperature of the dryer is low and high thermal efficiency is good.
4.The main parts adopt frequency conversion control, which can change operation parameters according to the different material properties, make the material in the dryer cylinder body form stable whole broken fabric curtain and improve the heat exchange more sufficiently;
5.Special internal structure design, which not only can strengthen the effect on scattered material  cleaning and heat conduction 
but also eliminate the materials sticky phenomenon,
making material  moisture and stickness more flexible;
6.Dust collecting system with cyclone selection and bag dust collecting system, ensure the gas exhaust emissions up to national standards . Increasethe explosion door between the end of the dryer and top of dust collector.In case of some emergency, promise not to hurt the personal and equipment;



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