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Biomass pellet fuel

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Product Description
Biomass particles purposes | Buy biomass particles under normal temperature conditions refer to the original wood raw materials by specialized machinery processing, compression molding to change its density, strength , combustion performance , making briquette density, loose materials " dense Departed " thereby limiting overflow of volatiles , therefore increasing volatiles combustion time , most of the combustion reaction of fuel is only the surface of the molding . Supplied air the stove sufficient enough , the unburned little loss of volatile molecules , thereby reducing the generation of black smoke .Briquette texture due to dense overflow volatiles remaining after carbon structure is relatively compact , sporty airflow can not be disintegrated, charcoal burning can be fully utilized.

  Biomass particles purposes | Buy biomass pellet is a new bio-energy, high efficiency, easy storage . Material density is generally 100KG/M3, after forming the pellet fuel density greater than 1200KG/M3, transport , storage is very convenient.Meanwhile , the processed grain is greatly improved fuel combustion heat value of up to 4000-5000 kcal , a high volatile phenol solid fuel .

Wood pellets use | Buy wood pellets can replace wood , coal , heavy oil , natural gas , widely used for heating , hot water boilers , industrial boilers , power plants , etc., especially suitable for areas with high energy requirements users , both environmentally and economically .
Our company produces wood pellet fuel , by SGS , its ash content of 0.8 % sulfur content of 0.1% , but in 80% volatile matter , calorific value of 4200 kcal or more is to reach full compliance with the standards and to meet new energy industrial boilers heat value requirements.

Wood pellets use | Buy wood pellet characteristics
( A ) the composition of biomass briquette
Briquette from the combustible matter , inorganic and water components, mainly containing carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O) and a small amount of nitrogen (N), sulfur (S) and other elements, and containing ash and moisture . Varying composition shown below:
Of which:
Carbon: biomass briquette fuel less carbon ( approximately 40-45 % ) , especially in fixed carbon content is low, easy to burn.
Hydrogen : Hydrogen Biomass Briquette fuel quantity ( about 8-10% ) , volatile high ( about 75% ) . Most of biomass carbon and hydrogen combine to form a low molecular weight hydrocarbons , encountered certain temperature thermal decomposition and precipitation of volatiles.
Sulfur: biomass briquette fuel sulfur content less than 0.02% , the combustion flue gas desulfurization unit without setting , reduce costs , but also conducive to environmental protection.
Nitrogen : biomass briquette fuel nitrogen is less than 0.15%, NOx emissions standard completely .
Ash: Biomass briquette fuel using high-quality wood-based biomass as a raw material, ash content is very low, only about 1% .
( 2 ) biomass briquettes calorific value
Specializing in the production of wood pellets wood briquette sawdust

Biomass fuels for us has been no stranger to it, we can also learn from the Internet on biomass fuels more knowledge , but we all know what the use of biomass fuels approach it ? If you do not know if you can look down with us . The use of biomass fuels are mainly direct combustion , thermochemical and biochemical conversion convert three ways . Direct combustion of biomass fuels in the future for a long time will remain the main form of biomass energy utilization . Transformation of biomass fuels are currently only about 10% thermal efficiency of a traditional wood-burning stove, promote efficiency up to 20% -30 % of the stoves of this technology is simple, easy to spread, significant energy efficiency measures , is now building the new energy popular product . Is now the development of our economy is one of the most essential fuel . Utilization of biomass fuels that we know more about it? Biomass fuels with low-carbon , energy-saving , environmental protection, renewable and recyclable advantage.Boiler industry to become the most popular products , new energy-saving environmental protection and social development of biomass fuels will make the greatest contribution .
Biomass briquette density is generally 1.1-1.3t/m3, calorific value of approximately 4400 ± 100Kcal/Kg. 1 ton of biomass briquette is equivalent to 0.6 tons of standard coal , or 0.41 tons of diesel / fuel oil .
( 3 ) The application of biomass briquette
(A) sealed plastic packaging , shipping convenient, clean and safe ;
(B) solid particles , the density , small size , easy storage ;
(C) high volatile fuel , easy to ignite and burn ;
(D) fuel of high calorific value , low moisture , burning effect ;
(E) CO2 can be achieved ecology " zero" emissions , SO2, NOx than diesel emission standard completely , to achieve emission reduction targets ;

Our products are all made ​​of high quality wood flooring as a raw material , without any additives , ensuring product than any other grain products with higher raw fuel value , heat of combustion products of high performance can be comparable with standard coal .


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