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Our new-designed tube rotary dryer for sawdust has been sent to Russia.

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Recently we customized an indirect heat exchange of tube rotary drum of wood chip dryer has been sent to Russia on April 20th, the picture are shown as follows:


The cooperation with the Russian client confirm that our company is in the leading position of wood drying industry, and  fully proves that the customer recognition of our drying equipment around the world.

The indirect heat exchange of tube rotary drum wood chip dryer has the following technology advantages:

A, compared with the traditional direct dryer, internal transfer heat using column tube, to avoid the secondary pollution of materials, and at the same time improve the drying efficiency  and quality of the materials.
B, The exhaust flow rate is small, high humidity, reduce dust emissions and other material recycling;
C, it can facilitate the recovery of condensated water, and improve the efficiency of heat energy.

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