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Breaking news: Dingli 500000 tons/year coal slime dryer export neighbor Russia

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Dingli coal slime dryer exports Russia again , we formally signed the contract with Russia customers about 500000 tons/year coal slime dryer, both parties are satisfied with the cooperation, and hope to establish other project cooperation after this great chance.
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Russia's rich coal resources, its proven recoverable reserves accounted for 12% of the world's total reserves, after the United States and China, in the third.The Russian coal relatively complete varieties, from long-flame coal to lignite, various types of coal .Russia's distribution appear unbalanced condition of coal resources, more than three-quarters of distribution in the Asian part of Russia, the European part of the reserves distribution is as follows: 46.5% of its reserves in central Russia, namely kurtz buss coal field;23% of the reserves in krasnodar, er, border region, are almost lignite, suitable for open pit.So many Russian customers go to buy the coal slime drying equipment processing,and so there are many Russian customer ordered our equipments. This time the customer sign the contract with us is the national friends recognition of our drying technology and equipment. we will send engineers to the customer,s place to guide the installation and offer the great coal slime dryer equipment according to the customers' needs.

zhengzhou Dingli  is the largest coal slime dryer manufacturers in China, not only meet the needs of many domestic coal enterprises, but also make the cooperation with many foreign well-known enterprise for coal slime drying project,offer best after-sales service to the customer.

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