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Russian Tube indirect sawdust rotary drum dryer goes into formal delivery

Date:2015-05-26 14:16:20 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

The tube indirect rotary drum sawdust dryer that Russian customers ordered is produced by our workers after two months of overtime work, now the equipment has been loaded successfully and delivered to Russia officially .
   Sawdust dryer that the customer order is designed and finish producing in the prescribed construction period. The device follows the drying technology which obtains Dingli national patent technology, having a high degree of automation, easy operation, high uniformity of material drying, less failure ,low maintenance costs ,low power consumption and other advantages. I believe it will serve as a impelling action for the development of Russian corporate clients. Russian clients have a certain advantages in resources to dispose sawdust. Dingli provides the dryer equipment through cooperating Russian customer.
             The two sides complement each other's advantages, so that we can push rapid development for the resource utilization of wood drying process. Our company expands cooperation with Russian customers based on sincerity. Except to provide strong technical support for Russian customers, but also lay a mass base for overseas strategic development.The two sides will establish a longer cooperative relationship on this base .

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