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Wood Pellets Catch Fire as a Valuable Source of Renewable Energy

Time: 2015-05-27Author: dingli

Wood pellets are refined and dense biomass fuel that is produced by wooden residues into uniform diameters under high pressure. The fuel is also considered to be an efficient source of energy especially since its uniform shape is ideal for combustion systems such as boilers and pellet stoves. Millions of tons of biomass can be put to work in the form of pelletized wood residue that is harvested from quality waste wood.
Using fossil fuel as a combustible source of energy has damaged the environment since it tends to unblock carbon and releases it into the atmosphere in the form of harmful carbon dioxide. Fuel that is made from wood on the other hand has more potential to cut CO2 emissions as compared to other renewable sources of energy. Wood pellets work the same way which is exactly why they are being perceived as a great way for the average homeowner to cut on heating costs while eliminating one more carbon footprint from the planet.

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