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Our chairman attended the biomass drying technology seminar

Time: 2015-07-06Author: dingli

In June, 2015,  the symposium with the theme "biomass drying technology"  was held in Indonesia. Part of biomass drying business and biomass drying technology experts in Indonesian attended the seminar , our chairman Lee was invited to attend the exchange meeting .




The biomass drying technology has been a concerned issue in the industry, biomass drying technology exchange meeting was proceeded and discussed around the theme of “characteristics of current biomass resources, processing technique, core drying technology".  In recent years, our company is committed to the research and application of the biomass drying technology, focusing on development of new products, and is recognized by many enterprises at home and abroad. Our chairman Lee introduced the R & D progress of  biomass technical drying for our company, products and current achievements. Dingli biomass drying technology has won the unanimous recognition and praise. During the exchange, chairman Lee visited the local representative companies, and conducted in-depth exchanges with the  R & D personnel on biomass drying technology, and fully affirmed the local biomass drying technology , we expected to carry out more cooperation projects later.

 Lee said that this exchange not only enhances everyone's friendship but also lays a good foundation for future development of enterprises and better development for overseas market,  and hope that we can learn, communicate and create good opportunities with more biomass drying experts ,so that we can make a contribution to promote the development of local biomass resource.


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