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Two sets 500kg/h Yeast dryers firstly export to the Philippines

Time: 2015-07-14Author: dingli

Zhengzhou Dingli’s 500kg/h yeast dryer firstly exports to Philippines. Profession is fundamental for survival and quality is the guarantee for reputation! Zhengzhou Dingli is always insisting on making the technological innovation as strength, satisfy consumer’s requirement as the ambition is the management concept, total workers are all straining themselves for providing customers with the professional, efficient, energy saving, affordable Yeast Dryer. The gratifying performance again testifies Zhengzhou Dingli’s profession and public praise in drying project field!

Zhengzhou Dingli’s Yeast Dryer has won the national patent certification, the product patent number is: Zl 2009 2 0090842.5. The equipment adopts the indirect transfer heating mode to make the material in sufficient heat exchange and adequate water evaporation .The equipment are made up by drying cylinder, rack, driving system, scrap device, material-limiting device, shaving device, soak material device, steam rode system. It has high heat transformation efficiency, low energy consumption, compact structure, easy operation and other characters, which can maximum reduce the floor space and improve the production efficiency.

In addition, Zhengzhou Dingli also has brewer's grains dryer, Sawdust dryer, Coal Slime dryer and other high moisture material dryers, Zhengzhou Dingli’s dryers with high quality,preferential treatment on price,and its successful cases spread all over the world.If you want to know more details about Yeast dryer’s technology, price and etc information, you can straightly connect with our online team.

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