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Dingli will attend the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran

Time: 2015-08-05Author: dingli

The 17th International Mining and Minerals Recovery Exhibition and Conference will be held from September 9th to 12th at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. PT Jakarta International Expo is a subsidiary company of the Central Cipta Murdaya group (CCM), which is known for its experiences and reputation in a wide array of industries in Indonesia, such as manufacturing, trade and expo, infrastructural engineering, agricultural, property development, and many more. Dingli New Energy has made great contributions to industrial drying equipment construction. Besides, we have set up the Indonesia agency recently and therefore it is a precious opportunity for us to enhance mutual understanding.


Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy has been aiming at the drying and molding technique of high-moisture materials and the quality improvement of coal through comprehensive equipment research and manufacture. We have gained the certification of ISO 1400:400 and ISO 9001:2008.
Dingli always puts scientific research and technical innovation at first place. We have more than 190 national patents (including 60 on biomass fuel), 2 research achievements and 1 national innovation funding. Meanwhile, we have gained the honors like Henan scientific innovation enterprise and outstanding technical property enterprise.
Our booth number is 4615-2. We have made adequate preparation for the coming of this exhibition. At that time, our professional representatives will provide sincere and detailed answers to your questions.

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