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Welcome Indian customers visit rice husk drying pellet production line

Time: 2015-12-10Author: dingli

 A group of Indian customers will visit our company on 19th,Dec.2015. In order to offer them good quality products and perfect after sales service,we will take them to our pellet production line running site for the visit. 

Rice husk generated as a by-product of rice processing is an important energy resource. The availability of this resource in India has been assessed and the technologies for exploitation of its energy potential in rice processing industry discussed. Nomographs have been developed for estimation of the husk required to meet the energy demand of parboiling, drying and milling operations. The unit cost of electricity using rice husk gasifier-based power generation systems has been calculated and its financial feasibility assessed in comparison with utility-supplied and diesel-generated electricity. With the cost and efficiency data assumed here, the unit cost of electricity produced by rice husk gasifier-dual fuel engine-generator system varies between Rs 2/kWh and Rs 7/kWh. (Note: 35 Rs approximates to $US 1.)


Rice husk has rich crude fiber content, lingnocellulos and cellulose 40%, and five-carbon sugar polymers, also named as hemicelluloses 5%. The bulk density of rice husk is 96-160kg/m³,which will be higher after crushing. Ash content is around 15-16% and moisture content is around 12%. Rice husk’s caloric value is about 14 MJ/kg, which equaling 35% of the caloric value of diesel or bunker oil with a caloric value of 40.5 MJ/kg. 
Rice husks is just like woods, which is a good material for fuel pellet production. The component comparison of the rick husk and woods are shown in the following forms for your reference.

Comparing with wood, rice husk pellets is also proved effective. Rice husk pellets has a low moisture content of 7 to 8%, which doesn’t need to consume energy to burn it off, making the burning of rice husk pellets effective. Zhengzhou Dingli Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd is mainly focusing on the research and manufacture of biomass pellet fuel production equipment such as rice husk pellet,sawdust pellet etc. kitchen waste processing equipment, coal (coal slime) drying equipment and feed drying equipment.Welcome your visit at any time.


Average diameter

Ash content 

Average density

Moisture content

Calorific value 

Rice husk 




About 12%


Rice husk pellet










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