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Good news from the R&D department: Dingli got 14 utility model patent certificates

Time: 2016-01-05Author: dingli

 There was good news from Zhengzhou DingLi that our company obtained 14  patent certificates again. As follows: “a raw material warehouse device applying to yeast dryer”, “a kind of bag filter”, ”a kind of pipe conveying by the fixed point wind power”, “a kind of drum dryer”, “a kind of tube dryer”, “a kind of cyclone separating device of wood dryer”, ”a new type of mixing box ”, “a new type of wind power conveying device ”, “a new type of louvered feeding nozzle ”,”a kind of adjusting device apply to roller belt conveyor”, ”a kind of sealing device apply to the end of the tube dryer”, “a kind of mixing device apply to drying drum”, “a new type of tube dryer”, “a new type of rotating joint fixing device”. These patent certificates have already issued formally.

utility model patent certificates.jpg

 Our company always takes the technical research and development into the product market relying on the technological innovation and the product quality since it established. The research engineers always study the both side of products’ mechanical structure and drying technology to optimize the equipment performance. Through trial and error, the research engineers overcame various technical matters and developed all kinds of innovative equipment successfully. The above patents are effective practice of the technical innovation and reformation advocated by company. They also promoted the drying, aspirating and dehydration of the equipment production level  and emerged the equipment higher practical value and economic value.
Through unremitting efforts and the breakthroughs of technical bottleneck of our company’s engineers, till now, our company already has more than two hundred national patents and dozens of patents for invention . All kinds of new type patents accelerate impetuses,promote the technological contents of equipment, improve the comprehensive strength and enhance the core competitiveness for our company.

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