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Vietnam Customers Ordered 200tpd Wood Chips Production Line

Date:2016-01-16 10:07:15 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

On January 18th, the customers from Vietnam  signed the  contract with us for the project of 200tpd wood chips drying production line, which is key project in 2016. The reason that they chose to cooperate with us is our influence and competitiveness in the field of drying equipment. This project adopts our newly developed drying process and technique, which will help our customers set a new standard on woodchips drying industry.

Zhengzhou Dingli is focusing on the research and development on crushing machine, drying machine, pelletizing machine and dust collecting machine, which is related to renewable fuel and clean energy. Except to meet the demand of local market, our products have been exported to 20 countries around the world, which help us win high reputation in global market.

Currently, the proportion of exported production line has reached 62%. Our customers are mainly from UK, Portugal, Italy, Vietnam, Malaysia, Morocco and Australia, who have given us high compliment on our drying equipment.

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