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Sri Lanka coconut chaff drying production line

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The coconut chaff drying production line ordered by Sri Lanka client has been put into operation. At present, the equipment runs perfectly and gains the good reputation from the local people. The following is a live video.

Sri Lanka is main country rich in coconut in the world. The coconut industry is the main industry of this country. There are about 394,800hm2 planting area of coconut in Sri Lanka which stands for 20% of the cultivated land of whole country. The output of coconut is 2.274~2.75 billion. The planting area and capacity respectively in the 3rd and 4th around the word. Sri Lanka is one of the world biggest coconut consumption countries. Every year, the usage of coconuts will produce a great deal of coconut chaff. Therefore, adopting environmental method to dispose the coconut chaff is became mainstream in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka coconut chaff drying production line is one of the main project that our company cooperated with the local clients. From the signing, manufacturing, delivering of equipments to installing and testing process, the project was finished on time. The coconut chaff drying production line made by our company became the local fantastic production line and makes contributions to the local coconut chaff environmental friendly usage with its equipments of high efficiency, large capacity, energy saving and environmental protection.

Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional dryer manufacturor at domestic and the world. Dingli’s equipments, such as sawdust dryer, straw dryer and coconut chaff dryer were purchased by more than 20 countries. Welcome more foreign clients to visit our company, consult and build the high quality production line with our company.

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